Oh Yes, as of late I’ve been accessorizing…

I made these in less than an hour. I had an outfit that i couldn’t pair with my usual accessories so here goes.

Here’s my latest Tsumami Kanzashi designs:


What to do with extra beads…turn it into something fabulous!

I’m a candy addict. I love them to bits. my brother even said if I weren’t human I’d be a candy shop (I’d rather be IN a candy shop). Oh, look what I made just this morning.

This is a gumball inspired drop earrings. I was thinking of using colorful beads but I could only find these extra golden ones. So here they are.

For the rocker chick (still perhaps) in me

About 5 years ago I started collecting soda/cola can tabs intended to be made into a little clutch. I had the design ready and all inspired by what I once found in a magazine. The interest waned but now I’ve finally managed to use the tabs, I’ve kept, for something I really like.
Aren’t they perfect for a day in the mall with jeans and white snug shirt?