That Chinese Wall

I am very sure I want to sketch or paint again. I really do. My sketch pad is neatly tucked on my desk, left hand corner together with a case filled with every HB pencil needed for a basic sketch with the proper eraser. Somehow, the moment I reach out for them, I get all hazy inside. My mind starts muddled with ALL suggestions possible; naked people (again?), portrait(of whom?), practice sketch (haven’t I done that already?) or landscape ?(bleh, not really).

So, I go and dig up for my old sketches, the ones I had scanned and posted in my now defunct malayangsining blog. I was able to find a few saved ones, the ones I don’t particularly like.

practice four

I suppose I could take a photograph of the ones I haven’t digitally scanned then post it. Maybe I’d feel better then. I sometimes feel like they’ve turned themselves into an excess baggage, the drawings I mean.


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