hex and beads

Inspired by this new supernatural series “Grimm”.


That Chinese Wall

I am very sure I want to sketch or paint again. I really do. My sketch pad is neatly tucked on my desk, left hand corner together with a case filled with every HB pencil needed for a basic sketch with the proper eraser. Somehow, the moment I reach out for them, I get all hazy inside. My mind starts muddled with ALL suggestions possible; naked people (again?), portrait(of whom?), practice sketch (haven’t I done that already?) or landscape ?(bleh, not really).

So, I go and dig up for my old sketches, the ones I had scanned and posted in my now defunct malayangsining blog. I was able to find a few saved ones, the ones I don’t particularly like.

practice four

I suppose I could take a photograph of the ones I haven’t digitally scanned then post it. Maybe I’d feel better then. I sometimes feel like they’ve turned themselves into an excess baggage, the drawings I mean.

A prelude

So much for an afterthought

I’m sure it is no longer necessary to inform anyone at all about how this poem came to life. Surely you’d guess that it’s because of a dead relationship that somehow resurfaced a few weeks back. I sound so bitter and angry and I just realized that AFTER posting it at my Facebook page. What was I thinking? A lot of things. So far, that brief shallow me, (in retrospect) has become a comic relief. Like, Stewie’s Bryan Adams song in response to Bryan’s insults to his (Stewie’s) serenading.