I believe in love (help me find it!)

Before you shower me with your unsolicited advice let me tell you that I’m talking about last Sunday’s episode of Touch(On second thought, you may still advice all you can I’d still read that.)

I am a sucker for short sweet and unnecessarily sordid storytelling about finding love. Although I was more interested in what Martin would find out upon opening the door using the 1188 key, I was also anticipating what Natalie would do next. Yes, as always, I had a strong feeling that Paulo would eventually CHOOSE her over the sexy and lovely Celeste who was the topic of Natalie’s video blog.

Oh, how I loved that video blog. I wonder if I can find something similar IRL. If you know one, please leave me a message.

All right, I was also very very very much intrigued with that gentleman from Argentina‘s present to Natalie (when they all met at Kismet). I have already successfully made a dulce de leche base and making more recipes using it is something I am working on. Perhaps, I’ll start with the ice cream that Paulo and Celeste shared then hopefully find a recipe of the one that the gentleman from Argentina bought.

PS: I am really sorry for the lame accompanying picture.


Say Se7en, who made you do that?

Se7en, a long time (10 years) Korean Singer/Entertainer, has made his way into my playlist and my heart the moment he sang Come Back to Me. I heard about him through my patient perusing of YG Entertainments talents and their discography.
I know I know, what’s with me and my current obsession with K-pop and Hallyu. It’s a phase that I plan to keep for future reference (there was a time when all I listened to was J-pop). i’m guessing I’m just criss-crossing Asian music industry. K-pop is kind of addicting ( my J-pop playlist consist mostly ballads and acapellas). I don’t like all of them of course, just a few, namely Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Big Bang, Se7en, Brian Joo, Secret, M signal, Block B, Might Mouth, Jisun, Hee Young and As One. Some K-pop girl groups are to garish and too sexy (almost X-rated) for my taste.

So back to Se7en, I was shopping online last week and I found this photoshoot he did for 1stLook and I went, “Why, hello there Se7en, what on earth are you doing?!”

All right, here’s the thing about the Korean Industry that I find really amusing yet well, half strange-half consistent. They always have a thing about “concept”, and I mean ALWAYS.

The concept thing is asked all the time from runway shows, to Music Videos, to guest appearances to movie premiers to anything. Really, no joke. Just watch any Korean entertainment show.

Probably, the photographer or art director for Se7en’s photoshoot was aiming for a combination of playful-cute-tease-adorable concept, which isn’t really working for me. Why do I care? So what if I do.

No matter I still adore his singing talent. He did an amazing job in hi “When I can’t Sing” video.

What to do with extra beads…turn it into something fabulous!

I’m a candy addict. I love them to bits. my brother even said if I weren’t human I’d be a candy shop (I’d rather be IN a candy shop). Oh, look what I made just this morning.

This is a gumball inspired drop earrings. I was thinking of using colorful beads but I could only find these extra golden ones. So here they are.

For the rocker chick (still perhaps) in me

About 5 years ago I started collecting soda/cola can tabs intended to be made into a little clutch. I had the design ready and all inspired by what I once found in a magazine. The interest waned but now I’ve finally managed to use the tabs, I’ve kept, for something I really like.
Aren’t they perfect for a day in the mall with jeans and white snug shirt?